Frequently Asked Questions

What is {x}DCI?

xDCI is a complete and customizable solution for scientific communities looking to use data cyberinfrastructure to kick start their research and accelerate the discovery process. xDCI makes team science possible by giving researchers the ability to share data securely, discover and access data at multiple locations, test hypotheses on diverse data collections, and publish and share research results.

Why use {x}DCI?

  • xDCI allows research teams to share and analyze data sets that are too large to maintain and use on computers in a typical research lab.
  • The framework uses metadata, standards and identifiers to ensure that data is discoverable and reusable for future studies.
  • The data owner controls data access, eventually making it discoverable and accessible to other scientists and the public.
  • xDCI assigns Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to all data it publishes and assigns new DOIs to different versions of research data.
  • xDCI provides federation with other research archives while allowing each institution to maintain control of their data in compliance with their institutional data management policies.
  • Users can deploy the CyVerse Discovery Environment (DE) and Docker containers to create and package workflows as apps.

Who can use {x}DCI?

RENCI stakeholders; RENCI works with faculty researchers, business leaders, and government officials across North Carolina and the U.S. on projects that use data science to make scientific discoveries, solve societal problems, and help businesses gain a competitive edge.

How can I get started with {x}DCI?

Through the xDCI Service Process

  1. To initiate the {x}DCI process, please submit the form under the "Get Started" button. Shortly after submitting the form, one of our experts will be in touch with a date and time of an initial consultation. The form will also advise our team of experts on the tailoring of the initial consultation for your project.
  2. The xDCI information Technology (IT) Concierge staff will work with your team to move your project from concept to a productive and efficient combination of select xDCI technologies, in effect creating a unique xDCI-based architecture for your project.
  3. The xDCI Sustainable Software Concierge staff will serve as technical project managers and work with your team to deploy your project on the appropriate cloud infrastructure. Once deployed, they will work with your team to instill sustainable software best practices to ensure efficient and persistent continuation of your project over time.
  4. The xDCI Data Science Concierge staff will offer data science expertise in how to extract maximum scientific and community benefit from your deployment of xDCI. These staff are experts in data science analytics and visualization using the latest technologies and methods that will accelerate your community to new levels of achievement.

What can I expect in the {x}DCI process?

After filling out our online form (accessible by clicking the "Get Started" button), we will contact you to set up an initial consultation to learn more about your project. After the initial consultation, more meetings may need to be set up to best address your project needs including an IT consultation, a software consultation, etc. Once we have developed a tentative plan, an account manager will be assigned to oversee the process of moving your project through each of the concierge phases, and to keep you informed of progress being made.

{x}DCI is founded on the principles of agile software development, meaning that this will be an ongoing and iterative process in order to fine tune {x}DCI technology and resources to best fit the needs of your project.

What knowledge do I need to be ready for {x}DCI?

{x}DCI does not require any prior knowledge. Throughout the process, you will be provided with software and technology experts who will guide you through the {x}DCI process, and provide you with in-depth training to learn how to use the tools set up for your project.